Young Performers Series

Our Young Performers Series provides exciting and encouraging opportunities
for youth to gain experience in all aspects of the theater: onstage and backstage
and as members of the audience.

We offer a range of opportunities, from classes to
special events and camps!

Life at Green Gables
Written and directed by Karen Burnett Hamer
for MCAP Drama Classes, Fall 2012

December 8, 2012

May 2012
ROMEO & juliet
by William Shakespeare romeo-0026-juliet-placeholder_rgb_web
©2012 jana l bussanich
Watch the MUSIC VIDEO here!
Treat your students to Shakespeare Off the Shelf!

by William Shakespeare
Adapted by Karen Burnett Hamer

Public Performances on August 5 at 7pm &
August 6 at 2pm

©2012 jana l bussanich